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Grace Qian Xiao   CSPWC  SCA


Elected Member of The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour

Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists 

Qian Xiao, currently living in the rural area of Quebec, is a full-time painter. She was born in China in 1971, her father was an oil painter, oil paint brushes and paint-filled skirts grew up with her. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, she worked in art teaching for 20 years, she switches between different types of paintings, oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel…, combine different painting techniques is her research direction. In recent years, she has devoted herself to the artistic creation of water-based acrylics and Mixed media. Its compatibility with other materials has greatly expanded the boundaries of her artistic expression. With the transparent, translucent and opaque characteristics of acrylic, Qian Xiao conveys the unspeakable poetry between dream and reality. With the combination of various media and materials, it constructs a sense of entity on an abstract background, presenting the opposition and transformation of void and existence.

In the process of reflection on life experiences, those elements with specific meanings such as people, events, and relationships will be repeated in Qian Xiao’s life. Incorporating these things into the theme library of the works and forming a series of works is a rational way to get inspiration. Her "The secret garden" series expresses the stickiness of love through the relationship between women, flowers and hummingbirds. Her "Body · Mind · Spirit" series uses iris flower as a symbol of consciousness, Guide people from the outside to inside to care for the real inner needs of individuals. Through inlaid chips and electronic components, her "TECH-SOUL" series triggers people's discussion of the original motives of technology.

She believes that the work is done by the artist and the audience. The concrete part is the symbol of consciousness, and the abstract part is the extension of thinking. The reality that people face is represented by a multi-layered rough texture, which is stacked in your life. However, the light will pass through complex reality and shine into your heart.

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